Mya Yathart is a pseudonym of a drawer/painter living and working in Lisbon, Portugal, where she was born in 1980. Mya ingresses in the National Society of Fine Arts’ (Lisbon) 4 year course in 1995. Soon after, having participated in a collective show at Galeria Barata, she began working regularly as a tromp-l’oil artist and budgeteer for Oficina 24. At 17, she travelled around and moved to Germany (Reinfelden), being near Basel, Switzerland, were she experienced a life-changing perception in regards to the societal impact on culture, influencing her impressions on art and people in a permanent way. Later in 2002, was shortlisted for Ridley Scott Awards in VFX and in 2004, having graduated from E.S.A.D (Caldas da Rainha) in Fine Arts, Mya deepened her knowledge of mediums and materials, entering in a 2 year course of technical media at Restart, which led her to work as a Storyboard artist, for advertising and film, soon propelling a move to London where, in 2011, she graduated from NFTS, with an MA of Arts/Production Design. After, she worked as Storyboard and Concept artist, for feature film and advertising as well a Production Designer for small productions and advertising, having won awards as well as nominations, including a BAFTA, and an invitation for a Masterclass on Production Design in the Goldsmith University. In 2015 a move back to Portugal was driven by the urge for time with her own spontaneous and natural creativity, and the time it requires. After going back to canvas and the trials, Mya has been drawing and painting in several mediums as well as in interiors. 


She is interested in how humanness is experienced, which she investigates inside and outside her work, giving it a sense of density through layering, consolidating natural materials with a merge of techniques, allowing both the artist and the viewer to sense it’s presence and linger into what it has to say back. 

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